Easy GPS Guide for Business Success

Step 2 – What Business Should I Get Into?

What Business Is Right For Me?

There are literally thousands of businesses you can start!  So how do you choose the ONE that is the just the right fit for you from the endless choices available?  You will likely first have to narrow your search down to a broad category of business and then refine your search until you find a smaller pool of choices.

Do you choose a home based business, an internet based business, a retail business, a service business, open your own restaurant, start a lawn maintenance company, a doggie daycare, a computer or marketing consulting business?  Do you sell someone else’s products or make your own?  Do you choose a franchise? Maybe you have seen something on “Dirty Jobs” the appeals to you?

The choices and challenges are endless…but then so are the opportunities.

Once you have answered the questions for Step 1, some of your next questions should be the ones found in the Step 2 Quiz.

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