Everyone wants to be a successful entrepreneur, but they need a mentor/coach to guide them.  This website is #1 at providing that.

golden key to successThe contributors to this website have decades of real life entrepreneurial experience.  They have had many business successes and a few failures.  Overall, they have learned what it takes to be successful.


This website and its contributors are dedicated to providing the very best content possible. This is the only comprehensive website that covers all the basics of being a successful entrepreneur in an easy to understand and navigate format.

The website strives to present its informative and educational material in a simple and straightforward style. Learning new skills should be enjoyable and motivating.


Easy Guide To Business Success is the only comprehensive site that takes you from the beginning of planning your business to the start-up, then on to growth and development of your enterprise and finally to planning for the transfer of your business to your successor.  This includes preparing your business for sale at the best price possible.

This website also includes retirement planning information to help you accumulate the funds you will need to retire with the lifestyle you desire.  Tax considerations are covered and explained so that you can take the best advantage of the provisions of the tax code.


Easy Guide To Business Success provides lists and data on hundreds of businesses, both franchise and non-franchise, to help you select the best business fit for your interests and investment funds.  This will give you the ability to easily compare businesses and make a better choice.

Free Personal Evaluation:

take the quizEasy Guide to Business Success offers you a FREE Self Evaluation Questionnaire.  Entitled Easy GPS Guide for Business Success, this free online tool is your best first step to becoming a successful business owner.

The Easy GPS Guide for Business Success will identify your special strengths and point out those areas where you need to gain more information and skill. It is very important that you know your strengths and weaknesses.   Your shortcomings (everyone has them) can be your undoing unless you are prepared.

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