Success Topic 9: Have an Exit Strategy


Success Topic 9 will educate and advise you in making sure that your Exit Strategy is defined and ready to be implemented. It will give you tools to ensure your efforts will culminate in the manner you desire.

Subjects included in Success Topic 9:

  • Using a Wealth Manager for Investment Consulting, Advanced Planning and Relationship Management

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Product Description

Success Topic 9 addresses the time, in the future, when you plan to exit your business. This can be the most satisfying of all your business experiences or it can be a nightmare. This is why your Exit Strategy should be a part of your business plan from day 1 of your business. There will be a time when you will exit and you need to be sure it is your business plan that determines when and how. Your Exit Strategy will involve Planning for Start-Up, Planning for Daily Operations, Planning for the future. Success Topic 9 will guide you to plan with and through a “comprehensive financial planner” or, a Wealth Manager.

What is a Wealth Manager? Simply put; a professional that puts together the right players in different disciplines to provide a service for the client that is well executed, well coordinated and very well communicated. More specifically, a Wealth Manager will coordinate and deliver services in three main areas:

  1. Investment Consulting – Assembling a portfolio that will guarantee a greater probability of achieving your goals.
  2. Advanced Business Planning – Consists of Wealth Enhancement, Wealth Transfer, Wealth Protection and Charitable Planning
  3. Relationship Management – The relationship between you and your adviser, based on his/her in-depth knowledge of your circumstances (financial picture & succession or exit plan) and on your understanding & knowledge of your adviser’s ability to manage and coordinate, for your benefit, the effort of other outside experts you may have from time to time.

Success Topic 9 from our business guide will discuss and define, in detail, the importance of Wealth Management to your overall business plan and ultimate Exit Strategy.

Starting a business is exciting and fulfilling. Managing a successful business, day to day is satisfying and rewarding. Exiting a business can be the epitome of exhilaration, or the depths of despair depending on the circumstances. You can control that exit, no matter the circumstances, with a grand effort to create a successful business plan.

Success Topic 9 is designed to educate you, advise you and assist you in making sure that your Exit Strategy is defined, ready to be implemented and give you tools to make sure all your efforts will culminate in the manner you have planned and worked toward.


Pricing Options:

  1. Each Success Topic is $9.99
  2. Special Offer is Buy any 2 Success Topics and get a 3rd one FREE!
  3. Buy the Entire Comprehensive Business Guide for $89.99



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