Success Topic 1: What You Need to Do First and Why It’s Important


This Success Topic is designed to walk you through the NECESSARY steps you must take once you have decided to start your own business.

Subjects included in Success Topic 1:

  • Starting a Business – What to do First
  • Personal Basic Pillars of Success
  • Financial Security and Stability as Your Business Sees It
  • The Constitution of the United States is a Business Plan
  • Writing the Business Plan

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Product Description

This Success Topic from our business guide is designed to walk you through the basic and NECESSARY steps you must take now that you have decided to start your own small to medium sized business. It will cover everything you need to know, and do, to get your business in a position to start generating sales, and/or services, profitably.

1- Choose A Business: See 600 Businesses & 500 Franchises, in supplementary content, if you haven’t already decided on the business you want to build.

2- Choose A Name: This Success Topic will help you decide on a name that will define your business, give the right impression, to the public, and will wear well as you grow & prosper.

3- Decide on Type of Business: This is very important and can impact the way you operate. This Success Topic will give you the advice you need to be sure you are on the right track.

These 3 steps are only the beginning of starting your own business. When you have accomplished these 3 steps, you will then need to research the name you have chosen, (to be sure it is available), go through the registration processes necessary, with your State and Federal Agencies to register your business, research & secure all Licensing required for your business.

You will need to establish certain relationships, (i.e. Accounting, Legal,Banking Planning). This Success Topic will help you determine which relationships and why.

You will need to decide on a LOCATION for the business. This may be down the street or another state. This Success Topic helps you with this by posing questions you need to consider.

Secure Your Funding: This is the most important step in the initial process. This Success Topic will aid you by pointing out the steps to take. Step #1 is: Write A Business Plan! This is absolutely necessary before you approach a bank. This Success Topic will guide you through the process of writing your business plan! This plan will be your major tool in starting and running your business. It is imperative that it be logical, truthful, and complete. This Success Topic will tell you how to structure the business plan and how to work with it throughout your business life.

Becoming an entrepreneur and starting a business is complicated, but it’s also potentially very rewarding, if you start on the right path and pay close attention to the details within your big picture. This, Success Topic 1, is your resource for guidance in choosing that path and preparing you, & your plan, for success.This Website’s Authors & Contributors are dedicated to encouraging you on this entrepreneurial journey.


Pricing Options:

  1. Each Success Topic is $9.99
  2. Special Offer is Buy any 2 Success Topics and get a 3rd one FREE!
  3. Buy the Entire Comprehensive Business Guide for $89.99



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You may experience some unavoidable duplication of material when purchasing multiple Success Topic mini-books. This is because each Success Topic mini-book is designed to stand alone and address a specific management concern.