Success Topic 8: Prepare Your Business to Sell at a Good Price


Success Topic 8 will guide you as you learn to enhance your business in the eyes of the buyer, addressing all major concerns.

Subjects included in Success Topic 8:

  • Through the Investor’s Eyes
  • Re-engineer Your Business – Increase Profits
  • Build Your Money Machine

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  1. Each Success Topic is $9.99
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Product Description

Success Topic 8 is designed to guide you in establishing a value and a selling price on the business you started, or acquired, some time ago and have built into a successful, profitable business. Unlike the Success Topic on Flipping a Business, here you have sweat equity, pride of ownership, and a feeling of responsibility toward this business you have built, guided and nurtured for a period of time. Now you must see your business through the eyes of the prospective buyer and not let the feelings you have for the business distort what you must do to enhance it in the eyes of the buyer.

Success Topic Eight will guide you as you learn and plan to present your business to a buyer, addressing the following major concerns, in detail, that will be the determining factor in your, and the buyer’s, decision.

  1. Listing the Fixed Assets
  2. Valuing the Fixed Assets Properly
  3. Preparing Audited Financial Statements
  4. Preparing and Presenting Realistic Market Potential of the Business
  5. Valuing the Inventory
  6. Determining the Present Market Share of the Business.
  7. Enhancing the Curb Appeal FIRST Impression
  8. Your Role, In The Business, After the Sale.
  9. Available Financing and Terms

Success Topic Eight approaches this exercise with the presumption that selling your business is what you have been planning for, and is in fact a part of your business plan, the whole time you have been in business. It is one of the final steps on your road, to success in your business, and the financing for your retirement, or a new start in another direction or business.

Success Topic Eight is devoted to preparing you for all the right, smart moves to insure you the very best return, on this investment you have made in starting, developing and nurturing this business. Good Businesses presented in the proper manner, with the proper back-up and credentials always sell quickly, easily and for a good price. Planning & Execution is critical to this success.


Pricing Options:

  1. Each Success Topic is $9.99
  2. Special Offer is Buy any 2 Success Topics and get a 3rd one FREE!
  3. Buy the Entire Comprehensive Business Guide for $89.99



Additional Information

Notice to Buyers of Multiple Success Topics

You may experience some unavoidable duplication of material when purchasing multiple Success Topic mini-books. This is because each Success Topic mini-book is designed to stand alone and address a specific management concern.