How to be a Winning Entrepreneur

Owning and operating a successful business is not just a matter of luck. It is the result of how well you have prepared yourself to deal effectively with all the challenges that are going to come across your path as a business owner. You cannot properly engineer your business to produce the level of profit…read more

Recessions Create Opportunities

Periods of recession have a silver lining.  They set new economic baselines. Once economic activity hits the bottom, a new foundation is established.  This is the appropriate time to engage the market and ride the next uptrend.  Sounds pretty simple, but it is not. Warren Buffett and other financial sages have been quoted as saying,”…read more

Mature Folks Can Be Successful New Entrepreneurs

You have a realization that your career path may no longer be the right vehicle to take you into the type of retirement that you desire.  You are joining the growing legion of senior employees that have been told that the day of the pension with health benefits is over.  You are pretty much on…read more

Homemakers Are Great Entrepreneurs

If You Are a Homemaker Looking to Make a Change, Read On The local job market today is very thin.  There are many skilled and motivated people looking for jobs.  Perhaps you should be looking to put your skills to work in your own business. This is a very good time to take stock of where…read more