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Success Topic 4: The Capitalization of Your Business Start-up – How Much and How


This Success Topic contains valuable and practical suggestions for actions that you can take to capitalize your business.

Subjects included in Success Topic 4:

  • Investable Assets Worksheet
  • Partners and Partnerships
  • Income Statement – Basic Format

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Product Description

Success Topic 4 is a study of the BEGINNINGS –The thoughts, desires, and questions you face as you contemplate the start-up of the business you have decided to open. You will have touched on some of the points, in the preliminary notes on the Business Plan you are preparing, but here you will go into detail to research and analyze each point. The object is to arrive at the amount needed—Not too much and definitely not too little.

Now where will it come from?

Success Topic 4 from our business guide will guide you through the necessary steps:

1- Personal Motivation

– Define where, why & how you became motivated to become an entrepreneur.

– List, reference & understand factors you are discovering that motivated you.

2- Personal & Investable Assets

– You will explore and analyze, in depth, everything you bring to the venture that will help guarantee your success.

3- Sources of Funds

– You will be guided to list as many sources as you possibly can that are potential sources of funds. Elsewhere in this Easy Guide To Business Success are other sources, but here you will discover many paths that you personally can take.

4- Create or Acquire the Business

– You will go through the exercise of evaluating the best course for you. You will make the decision after studying and assessing the following criteria:

a- The Cost

b- The Risk

c- Time to Profitability

Success Topic 4 in addition to all the above includes a section on, “What Makes The Business Work”? This discusses Marketing, Selling, Fill the Order, Run the Business, Profitability and Repairing Leaks that develop.

This Website’s Authors & Contributors are dedicated to encouraging you on this entrepreneurial journey by providing a reference for you.


Pricing Options:

  1. Each Success Topic is $9.99
  2. Special Offer is Buy any 2 Success Topics and get a 3rd one FREE!
  3. Buy the Entire Comprehensive Business Guide for $89.99


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