Easy GPS Guide for Business Success

Step 1 – Self-Qualifying Questionnaire

Are You An Entrepreneur? Really? You May Want To Think Again!

Have you really thought this through? 

In this step we want YOU to qualify, or even possibly disqualify yourself as an entrepreneur.

Look carefully at each of these questions that follow.  You may or may not have considered some of the topics presented, or you may think, or have thought of some other issues to consider.  The bottom line is that while everyone has some common considerations, you and your situation are unique and may have issues as a potential business owner that others may not have to consider.

There are no wrong or right responses or answers here.  In the final analysis, the only person who will grade, and assess the answers that you give is you.

These are just some thought provoking points to start making you think through fully the process of qualifying yourself for starting or buying your own business and some of the issues that you may have to consider, or resolve.

We suggest that you print out these pages and write down your responses.  If you think of other issues or questions write them down as well, and maybe even share them with us.  This will also help you in the future with your goal setting process.  Begin the questionnaire below.

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